wild world.

me once came up with an idea to adopt a baby.haha.funny.sometime in june.dat happened just blame it on the loneliness i have to face every weekend.well, maybe it was because i was being left alone at home ever since my housemate always went back to her home, she was busy preparing things for her wedding.at some point, she supported me.it takes a toll on me but only for a short period.and hw i dread to thnk abt the consequences of it.not so good.then works piling up and takes the upper hand of me and i got back to normal, landing my feet off the ground.hehe.try imagining myself with baby.i have so much to teach my baby abt the world.how world can be so cruel.i wana teach her a to z.1 to infinity.goods n bads.ups n downs.loves.*sigh*


  1. si pungguk rindukan bulanAugust 13, 2007 at 1:51 PM

    adopt a baby??
    apabila bib kawen...
    macam mana dengan baby tue??
    adakah pihak lelaki sedia menerimanya juga??
    atau dibiarkan??
    huish susah tue bib kalau si lelaki taknak terima..