{ yes.i am choosy.but what's ur problem? }

at first, i intended not to write a post abt this lame, over-rated issue not to mention out-dated.but.it seems that people are still concerned abt me and my status, or in other words, are feeling dissatisfied with my way of life, my availability hurts their eyes i suppose, of my decisions whatsoever, it's my responsibility to justify everythg.in other words, to shut ur mouth okei?no?heh,i don't care abt u.

"bib ni choosy.."
"kak bibah ni mcm kete sport yg tak dijual kt kedai" (tak tahan tu statement bdk sorg ni)

"is she waiting for a prince?"
"rugi tau kawen lmbt"

"dulu aku nak, dia xnak."

adalah antara ayat2 pedih telinga yg biasa ku dengar.ah, dh lali pun.lantak korang la.

wait.nmpk saya merana ke sbb xkawen ngn awk?sebenarnya malas la nk ulas pjg2 sbb bukan cara saya nk melenting kerana benda kecik mcm ni.tp, jenis sy juga tak suka berdiam diri bila ego tercabar.

macam ni lah. saya memang memilih.awk tak memilih ke?kalau tak memilih pun tak elok juga kan?baik mcm ni drpd tersalah pilih.i am careful because i tolerate nothing less than excellent.(ayat ex aku dulu).i am careful because i don't want to end up like u.hoho.u seem unhappy.haha.sorry.and.and i never regret for not choosing u.ouch.

ok.clarified.justified.i expect no further questions.

u've got problem with that?seek psychiatrist k.i dun thnk i'm a burden to u.hilang kawalan emosi sbb ada ulcer dlm mulut.ughh

(ah i lost my cool)


  1. to them: go fly a kite!

    before they risau2 fikir about other ppl's problem (which isn't even a problem in the first place!)apa kata they try to figure out their lives first.ya?

    don't stress out dear. allah in fact suruh kita pilih the person who we want to spend the rest of our lives with. hidup bukan utk puaskan hati other ppl, it's about pleasing ourselves, our family and allah dulu. so, sod off ppl.

    ps: come lepak with me soon okay?

  2. to hell with 'em lah. your besties will support u 200%. in fact, they'll voluntarily be your filter as well. hehe..high 5!

  3. to them:go home n shoot urselves (pn fauziah)

    i always try to be calm as much as i could.but ppl always got beef abt it loh.haih.
    ok.will do babe.mwah

  4. kak lom sexy bila kak lom melenting... so i guess that's y people keep nagging you.. they want to see your sexiness...

    however, the day will come.

    p/s: i heard justin bieber prefers sexy older women...

  5. chix, thanx!roti hi 5!hehe

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  7. hahahaha.ucu, u've become funnier nwadays.lol.pandai kamu mengembalikn mood saya yea dgn mggunakan justin bieber.
    yeh, i heard he's got crush on beyonce knowles rite.haha

  8. cute la ucu ni.haha. i think that may be too..sbb u're just so hot when u're mad.zssss!

    love u all!!!rinduuuuuuu...stressss... (tiba2 lepas geram here!)

  9. ucu naka leni kn.haha.
    kakngoh.lagu tema post ni 'when u'r mad by ne yo lah'.sexxyy.hihi.dedicated to all of u here.
    btw,bila nk mai bersauna lagi?hehe.ni knp stressed psl ape?

  10. hehe. glad to bring back ur smille. yeah he likes beyonce knowles. and kim kardashian. but come on la. you top the list.

  11. stress pasal kijo and myself yg tak reti nak motivate diri sendiri. the sauna sounds really tempting by the way.

    ucu: not a fan of justin tiny t**t but i do agree with him on kim. almost everyday tgk keeping up with the kardashians. it's my guilty pleasure.*feeding the bimbo in me* :)

  12. woh ucu.ok bangga nih. i top kim n beyonce okei ppl...sila jeles semua.
    kakngoh, i pn suka tgk kardashians tu.simply gorgeous n the sanest n sexxxiest of em all.

    ok dh tak mengamuk dah.jgn takot dgn saya ye?thanx kwn2 yg sweet mcm coklat hersheys.mmwahs

  13. kakngoh, cheer up baby!write a post n u'll be happy.
    mati itu pasti.hidup insyaAllah.ok tiba2

  14. hahhaha.i know where that came from. i am surprised..tsk tsk.

    better tgk ironman 2 ok.worth ur money.i promise.

  15. cakap je kat org tu yg bz body sgt nape...nak tolong bayarkan katering and wedding planner ker????
    Siapa la yg berana buat papa gurl naik hangin ni...meh jumpe gurl nak bagi tazkirah sket...

  16. kakngoh, i have been palnning to watch it since i watched ironman.hei bila nk g tgk nii...jeles2..
    gurl, naseb i ni jenis malas nk cr gaduh.pakai otak dulu b4 say anythg.or else, i'll b like them.haihsy.itulah.agaknya diorg bzbody sbb xsaba nk sponsor kn.sbb papa plan nk wat mjlis akad je ni sbb xde pitis.

  17. komentar pun boleh dijadikan lebih panjang dari entri asalnya... :)

    Love you beep.

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  19. patience is the key. taught you so many times on "buat bodo" kinda conceptual thinking. hang on there, eventually there will be someone, for you and you only. resilience like a bee.
    nway, you're still my cate blanchett :P

  20. zeemi, love u babe.best berkomen2 kt sini kn?
    kukubal, guess buat bodo is not my thing.