Getting things started

The kids just being taken by their daddy to daycare coz mummy HAS to get things in order and prepared for the so coming new semester! Sigh. That means kakak will be sulky because she never likes to be at daycare even though it has been almost 3 years she's been sent there. Still home is where her heart belongs. I know baby. But mommy has to work to help daddy pay bills and so that I can buy you those cute toys from Toys R Us. Huhu. Nevertheless. My heart sinks everytime when I have to go to work. But that's okay coz everybody else is just like us and I'm sure we can do just fine insha Allah. :) believe that Allah is with us.

So. Now what. Let's do the laundry first

And maybe will get some cute cute washi tapes from stationery store just to get in mood for going back to school again!!!!

Goodbye 2014

He Hey. Look who's back. And suddenly with the title above? Goodbye 2014 when i only managed to do 1 post for the whole year? Shame on you, Beep. Hahah. Well, 2014 did bring a lot of swwet memoriesand happenings even they were not fabulous ones like we went holidaying in some foreign countries or performed umrah. Well not yet as we do have those plans it's just a matter of time and finance? Apparently hubby advised to wait until the kids grow big enough to understand and appreciate things. Well, i can wait that time to arrive because i believe that the adventure would have better meanings then.

Other than that, nothing much happened really except that i feel so old since i couldn't enjoy so many things anymore like we have gotten very slow at dining out since Tariq has grown so agile now that he can properly walk on his two feet :) Kakak (Qamarina) seems to have learned more vocabularies even though not as talkative as other kids. Alhamdulillah they have grown so healthily and caused minimal troubles to mommy and daddy.

Hoping and praying that 2015 will bring more joy and opportunities to us to become better Muslims.

I think i don't have a lot to say here now. Will write again soon perhaps.
Insha Allah.





haven't been writing here since the birth of Tariq. dah bersawang hehe.
here's a look-back for the past 5 months of my life.

1. Tariq now can roll over and jumping up and down non stop when we hold him.
2. on 3rd of Feb marked our 3rd year of anniversary. love keeps growing stronger yaww
3. i've grown wiser.haha
4. we are in the process of moving into our own house.well after 2 months time i think.
can't wait to renovate and decorate our home! can't wait to pick wallcovering paper for the house.hehe. can't wait to have cabinet-ed kitchen.haha again. can't wait to have pink wallcovering for my daughter's room and blue for the brother.will have an all white house. it's all about my house huh.shows how excited i am.
and I am going to be 31 next Monday.oh well ( a lookforward)

that's about me and i miss you!



14 Sept 2013
2040 - 2213 - PPUKM labour room

Tariq . 3.78kg

that's me! 


6 hari lagi

tinggal 6 hari lagi untuk sampai due date.belum ada tanda2 baby nak keluar.must be cozy inside ya baby?Qamarina dulu lahir awal seminggu.ummi ni klu hari tu dh sangat tak sabar nak lahirkan adik sbb ummi rasa berat sangat perut ni, belakang pun sakit, dengan masalah buasir lagi.tapi sekarang ummi rasa ok pula adik masih nak stay kat dalam.at least ummi boleh settlekan banyak kerja.6 hari lagi mungkin boleh settle kerja tu.kemudian boleh ummi jaga adik dengan penuh perhatian dan kasih sayang.

semoga Ummi dijadikan Allah seorang ibu yang baik yang dapat mendidik anak menjadi solehin dan solehah.berjaya di akhirat dan di dunia.semoga Allah jadikan Ummi seorang yang sabar, rendah diri jika anak-anak ummi berjaya kelak.ameen.

*rasa berdebar, takut, risau menunggu kelahiran baby*
ya Allah permudahkanlah..

sayang anak-anak Ummi



sesungguhnya jalan menuju ke syurga Allah itu amat sukar...

sekadar peringatan untuk diri sendiri agar tidak mudah lupa
ujian dari Allah itu adalah sebagai peringatan untuk mendekatkan diri kepadaNya
peluang untuk memperbaiki diri
perbaiki keluarga
jadi contoh yang baik kepada anak-anak
ya, kita semua mahu masuk syurga
namun sukarnya untuk menjadi seorang yang sabar
kuatkanlah aku
tunjukkan aku jalan yang lurus