got back frm school at 12.30.decided to take a nap first cause i will have a tuition class at 3.30pm.i needed a break.i thought i was dreaming when suddenly somebody knocked on the front door downstairs with salam."teacher, oo teacher!".i opened my eyes slowly and grabbed my watch, OMG! it was 3.40pm already!

my throat ached so bad,
my head was spinning,
i felt cold ...

i knew by then it was feverish.i got up from my bed,tottered myself to the door,"hey, kids.i'm not feeling well so, just go home, the class is canceled".i thought they were happy.then, i got back to my bed,pulling the comforter,i was feelin warm and cold at the same time,my body was aching too and continued sleeping.i think there's a tonsil killing me down the throat.uughh, not so nice.

i only got up at 5.30pm the next day(can u imagine)feelin a lil better, thanks to panadol.but the tonsil is still there.it's pretty hard to even swallow my own saliva.

friends, don't force urselves too hard working, give urself a break.


  1. oh pity kalom..kalu papee dekat bleh papee "jupo" kalom...main susuk ular..haha

  2. haha.gilow a papee.demam name leh main susuk ular.bengommm.papi...sakit tekak...sakit palo too...i need everybody

  3. huhu...cian kat bib..sowie ari tu bib..got cut off mcm tu kat ym..anas la..die gi off pulak internet, pastu tido..huhu...modem kat bilik die...
    anyway...take care, bib..hope you get well soon...

  4. told u b4..people have limits...no such thing as ultimate resolute

  5. its ok anis, bib pn pening2 lalat dat nite..
    kukubal>>i knoww.it got outta control

  6. patutlah ibu demam teruk..ini pun macam ting tong lagi..tonsil pun macam bengkak aje..i got it from you..love you so much..hope you are getting well..it's time for me to get well too..that's why ibu nak fight fever ni..huhu..tapi macam nak kalah aje huhu..terjelepok aje kat bilik guru..isk isk..