The Seven Year Itch

She's got everything a woman would kill for.Her career has taken off, even though i know she finds the responsibility and long hours hard. She's got an amazing house, a fancy car to dream for.Her place is spotless, it looks like a hotel. And i seem to admire everything. I know she wants what every girl wants - a husband and kids and a future together, but the more entrenched she becomes in her single life, the further away it seems. Her life is so ordered and comfortable, that any potential Mr Right has to be amazing for her even to consider giving any of it up. And that's the problem. She is convinced that finding love will involve a sacrifice of some sort, and she's not sure if she's willing to trade in her white satin bed-sheet for a white knight.

But she's not coming tonight to meet her internet date.I was supposed to meet her and when this guy from the internet turns up, the plan was me leaving them alone. But now i'm stucked alone in here.

He's good-looking enough to model, but rough enough to satisfy her rugged outdoors-man fantasy. I notice how nice he smells as he leans towards me- kinda musky, but clean.He smells fresh and i can't deny it, sexy as hell.

While i am married with a kid.


  1. Satin panas la, tukar washed-cotton la, please... Hahaha.

    I think I know whom, you're referring to ;)

  2. woww...do i hv to justify this..(it was just an excerpt frm a novel tho)
    i hate being vain as much as i hate being predictable in a,well vain-glorious way.so,i thnk i know who's the person u thnk i am referring to.but, no way.i am so not referring to that person,at least not directly.
    this post is just a matter of calming myself down as well as putting myself a bit more in a new perspective - a married-person's perspective.
    ps:satin sejuk laa as long as u keep the aircond turned on,so..

  3. baby, why are so deeply immersed in these sick married thoughs and thoughts being married?you are not even close to it..hahaha..btw, me prefer high treaded cotton, dark maroon with light cocoa-ish comforter..but pakai kipas khind je...:)