kursus kenegaraan

attended the 5 days 4 nites course, daunted but i had so much of funnn.i was in Group 4, the coolest bunch of people.haha.there were actually 12 of us, in the photo 2 went missing, 10 camwhores left.i have learnt a lot of things from the course which i never thought i would.will write about it later.

the jungle trekking and patriotic singing competition were the ones of the many activities i enjoyed most.to make it even unforgettable, our group won the patriotic singing contest. we were proud like hell.after all, i was the choreographer.yeah, we did make a little rhythmic movement.agogo style.


  1. kekeke.besh!so scandalicious..

  2. weiii darlim..me enjoyed the course as well...best..best..