i'm not really that worried

i like pink's latest single.
and been listening to this time too, too many times,just like its movie


had three real nice, warm, brought-smiles-and-lotsa-laughter phone conversations yesterday.happiness. seems that ppl are worried abt me.i dunno hw to put my thots n feelings into words.the least that i could say is, this is just the journey that Allah had planned for me, to the destination which i dunno where would it lead me to, but the fact that i picked up so many valuable things along the way, i cudn't be more than grateful. i wish i was more certain about everything.n the fact that somebody accuses me of being weak, little that he knows about what i really need.i'm not looking for someone perfect, i'm just waiting for someone right, that i will know by heart.i can list a million things about the criteria and whatnots, but then again, we can only plan.but i'm not worried.i believe Allah has an awesome plan for me.n i know that the right one is out there making his way to me...n when he arrives, i believe it wouldn't be any hard for me to decide.at this point of life i realize that love is just an ideal thing.marriage is a real thing.so i'm just gonna take some time to get there.


"happiness lies for those who cried, those who hurt, those who have searched and those who have tried"


  1. babe, i'm with u.. our 'men' currently are stuck with 'traffic jam'. be patient, urs will arrive when the jam is over...

  2. ye otw tu... look at d bright side... use the time u have to do everything that u want...sebab kalau dah kawen mmg tak dapat nak pi buat keje2 gila contohnye road trip...water rafting... bangun meninggi hari... shoping bagai nak gila dll...i'll miss those thing s dear...

  3. good girl!
    i love ur positive spirit. :) and i love wardie's metaphor.haha

    it'll happen when it's meant to happen.so no worries ok.

    *love you.love you.love you!

  4. oww...i didn't expect such comments frm u my lovely2 girls.actaully i was nervous abt it since the post.haha.
    wardie>agaknya dia kt bombay kot.terrible traffic jam
    gurl>i always do hence the spirit.maybe i AM afraid...i dunno
    aif>i love u more everyday.

    i miss u girls.i miss US.BIG GREAAATT HUGSSSS