this monday is so blue...

i'm sleepy...i just dozed off during the assembly luckily i didn't fell off the chair...my skin is dry..i have puffy eyes..my head is aching...i'm hungry but don't feel like eating coz the canteen operator are serving the same menu every monday and i'm sick of it already...but the principal is not here so i'm quite happy...

n i'm wearing blue today...n i so wanna sleep...i wanna sleep my mind off everything and wake up next year..n i wish some things never happened...then i think i'll be much happier..i miss the happier days i used to have.


  1. huhu...yup..monday is always blue...but for me the blue-lover, everyday is blue for me...

  2. but today is reallyy..ughh...m so tired.my soul is tired.my mind is exhausted.im wearing off la anis.i need smthg to recharge.help me.save me..huaa.i'm so weakening.

  3. meet me, n i'm sure u'll rejuvenate! trust me, it's been proven. afzn, anis n juo met me n they couldn't stop laughing (for they constantly 'kenakan' me :p)

  4. huhu bib..i'm feeling the same way...malas sgt nak mengajar taktau kenapa..am happier doing the office work than teaching..waa bahaya2...

    and wardie,u describe roundabout as pokok besar dan buat pusingan roundabout as u-turn..sape yang tak gelak??? but indeed, it was fun..

    bib, jom reunion!!!

  5. wardie>owh dat will do.i am missing u so much wardah...haha mesti poyo je kan korang.
    anis>hahaha.sounds like hillariously fun.wardah2...ur amusingly cute.keke.anis, jom g genting on 30th ni nak x?i have pre-planned with papi.

  6. wow.everyone's making plans ye... :)
    miss u wardah and anis.hvnt spoken to u girls in ages. :) :)

    *and of course babe, i forgive u for the sudden birthday call.it shows that u think of me a lot.hihi

  7. wardiee birdiee chirpiee....!!!i didnt intend to not to invite u.i was like xbrp sure...u know me esp whn it comes to...making plans!!hahahahaha.of coss dear..come la come la..kta g knock ourselves out.wat say u?hit me backk.bestnyeee...naik solero shot
    kakngohs>false alarm.keke.oways do think of u 24/7.but...u stil having affair with somebody else..sobsob

  8. aifaa- huhu, miss u so much too, dear!!!jom jumpe bile2 aifaa free..?

    wardie- u are of coz + definitely invited..bib mentioned my name coz i yang mention "jom reunion!" (bib, belanja coklat, anis backing bib ni..haha)

    bib- sounds like fun!!!kalau confirm bagitau..anis ajak juo and afzan skali k... plus dear, aifaa's bday on 12 june kan?hehe

  9. chip...chip... ( since u called me birdie) i do need a time-out. burn out already!!

    aifaa>> memang lama pOn. perhaps after bib's plan FINALLY jadi kenyataan, than we cud meet up heheheh..(jgn mare bib) n do miss u too.. n the others

    anis>>plz..plz... forget bout the u-turn-roundabout thing tu!! n i'm a drama queen la!!

  10. gurllss...this is no joke plan.so far it's me n papi tgh gile dok plan nk g genting.it's on.confirmed.well insya Allah.30th may,saturday, m not sure abt the time, surely a bit early am.we r so gonna meet up n have fun in the summit of genting,yeah.anis, plz do ajak afzan.wardie, if u jd join, m gonna say its like my dream comes true.lama gile xjumpa u!!!