{ huhu }

tak kisah bila org ckp my handbag looks like mcm mak-mak punya.
i guess that is vintage value she saw in it, huh.

vintage okei

.:kita ikut perkembangan fesyen.ahaks.:


  1. what??
    that is one gorgeous bag if i may say so myself. don't worry about what ppl think dear, there's a reason why they don't understand when we're making a fashion statement.

    lemme guess,dorng pakai handbag yg bling2 tu ke?

  2. lol.funny, rite?
    God, i can't gv comment too much nw sbb lately rs bersalah sgt sbb dh condemn org dgn teruk sekali.haha.
    it's just...words fail me.
    thx baby

  3. hahaha...ok ok.u're rite tho tak baik condemn org.
    kena terima critics from ppl with a plastered smile if we have to.

    :I <-- exhibit A

  4. didnt mean to snub ur comment watsoever okei sweaty?we just lov being cute arnt we?but terpaksa control sbb org bole marah kta blk.kta gak yg kene.isy.
    .:rindu pdmu:.

  5. -=adakah ini chatroom kaklom n kakngah??=- ehem,,,#uptown plz...
    btw,,org yang condemn hbag u tue dia jeles,,tak dapat beli,,just ignore it k.

  6. ok pup.mmg ignore wat bodo je.carrying the bag everywhr now with head held high.haha.
    manusia ni, rmbut sama hitam kecuali dia kaler, tp taste lain2 kecuali perampas.haha.merapu.nauzubillah~

  7. its nice babe. I love it!
    i've received that kind of remark too plus more.. (suka pakai bj hitamla, warna plainla etc~) but just don't bother as long as it pretty n u know that it suits u. style it bebeh!