{ health is wealth }

i learnt that a bestest friend of mine was diagnosed with diabetes just recently, at the age of 27, which quite jolting as we often think that such disease normally happen to older people.even tho it is not a debilitating kind of disease, it can lead to more nightmare-ish ones.(as if this one is not enough huh).so, we better change our mindset then.my father is diabetic and i am pretty careful abt my well being ever since. some time ago i thot i was experiencing something diabetic, that is peeing frequently, then i took a test to check my sugar level, using daddy's blood glucose test kit (thanks to my sister sbb belikan utk ayah), to my relief, i am negative.whew, alhamdulillah.if u haven't known, sugar level for normal person is between 7 to 6 mmol/l and below is better, in general condition, unless right after eating it can be a bit higher which should not exceed 8mmol/l.so, the last time i checked,mine was 5.1mmol/l.thank goodness that i don't really like sweet kelantanese foods.

so here's what i have to say.change your dietary intake, and being serious about getting regular exercise is really2 great now,skip canned drinks,fast food,kuih buah tanjung, etc then we should be fine.and yeah, drink PLENTY of plain water.it's awesome.

if u are concerned abt this matter, feed ur curiosity here.

to that dear friend, get well very soon.

oh btw,r u missing ur loved ones? they are just one call away. :)

n me.i am gonna be with ones this weekend.how yeah~