{ little rewards }

done with exam papers marking.no sweat~i always love to reward myself after such achievement.hehe.i mean, there was a whole lot things to do, i even put myself at risk by reading+checking+marking those essays written by my dearly students u see, i almost got my visions damaged and i almost had migraine attack alrite.well,something like that.so, a reward is the least i cud ask for (from myself.huu) .

so, after school, i rushed myself first to the magazine store to get a copy of any fashion magazine (april issue.haven't got any yet.yes, i'm shallow for reading fashion magazines, i know.it's so much of therapy,ok.).i had in mind to get a 'Her World' but they got it sold-out,then i asked for 'Women's weekly',they did not order them in,so there were FHMs, Marie Claire, Female,all-u-can-find malay gossip-entertainment magazines and a bunch of comics etc on the shelves.so, 'Female' appeared the most enticing number,so i grabbed one.n that was reward no1.

ok, let's get reward no2 that is pirated DVDs!ok, long story short, i splurged on 'shutter island', 'did u hear abt the morgans', 'hurt locker' and 'sherlock holmes'.yeah some of em sounds a bit out of season.i'm a lil bit slow at catching up with the movies.

so i just finished watching 'shutter island' and 'did u hear abt the morgans' tonite.both are of my interests.i found 'shutter island' is rather disturbing in the beginning towards the climax,so much as at the unexpected surprising ending.and it was left hanging,left for us to ponder on and made me go hmmm.i dunno.kinda a mystery...anyways,if u like 'beautiful mind',then u would enjoy this one too.worth a try.

as for 'did u hear abt the morgans',i'd say it was somethg of i've seen something like it but it didn't hurt to watch even tho u can still reconsider watching somethg else, but it was not that bad after all.i always love Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant.and in this movie, they are as likable.some typical story about a couple who face marital problems,later found solution which was always there,kinda humorous with some weighty issue.i liked the ending a lot.it made me smile all the way til the credits rolled up.hehe.worth every penny baby.

til then,goodnite~