{ happy long weekend! }

rascal 1:telinga capang

rascal 2: kuat makan.gemokk!

gonna meet these two rascals this evening.yay.

normally, the first few hours would be lovely.heh
and later when things got warmed up and familiar, they will fight and fight and annoy the hell out of me.
a few hours before i leave them, they will be all manja and gediks and rascal 1 asyik nak dok atas riba je (rascal 2 is too heavy to riba) and tanya bila nk dtg lagi.
hisy, memang rascals.
but i love u both!


  1. i love u tooo!!! :)
    anyway rascal 2 yang ajar u shuffle kan ;p

  2. i lob u!
    hahahaa.uhuh.haha.n makcik dia yg cool ni aja u plak kan.pastu u p announce kt guys tepi jamban hotel i tgh shuffle dlm jamban.lol!