{ viva la Espana! jenhorabuena! }

my passion for world cup has just started 4 years back with ayah being the all time fan.he makes me understand football better.i wonder if he watched tonite's match just now.we watched the finals together in 2006.he didn't pick up my call though.and having the nephew who has grown tall and all passionate abt his football on ps.hehe.ho yeah.n it's Spain's victory this season,smacking lips on the trophy for the first time, after too much of pushing and pulling and side-kicking and who gets the most yellow cards fiesta.saja beria sokong Spain sbb anti-Holland. and Paul was right for his prediction.eh, tak baik, syirik.astaghfirullahal 'azim.huhu

Iniesta should get 3 acres of land frm his gov.haha.ok sambung tido.zzzz

ps: sorry arf, my team won.sweet!keke

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