{ camera survey }

i need to buy a new camera since the old one has found its way to the techie-archive.muhuhu.since the previous one was the 2nd camera already, hence the next camera must be picked extra carefully.so i have done my research and it's narrowed down to these cool two

super cool leica X1, a germany based camera

funky little sony nex3

both cameras take great quality photo.but, of course leica is of way higher price relatively, and i'm not sure whether it's being sold in malaysia.i'm sure there is, haven't done proper research on that yet.needless to say, i prefer leica as it has more sophisticated design and looks durable.i suppose it does.and of course the quality of the photos taken by it.it'd be the perfect one for many i guess, cos i have seen some photos taken by leica users.great photos.however, regarding its price, i think i'll just pass.

i always wanted to get my own dslr and fit in the photographer wannabes community.lol.well actually,of course it's because of my passion for cam-whoring, be it with myself or other people.hehe.anyways, besides not having enuff money to get a dslr, it has always been put on hold because of the cost, and i don't think i could make one useful as i dun really get time to photo shooting regarding my tight schedule nowadays, and the fact that dslr cameras are irritatingly bulky and heavy to carry around, difficult to handle inclusively, easy target for thieves etc, i thought i might pass it.then there is this compact yet is of the dslr quality, so i think rather than get another corny compact digicam, should i get myself either leica, if i could steal some money from someone, that is, a nex3/5 or anything along their line.

most importantly, smaller, sleek, lighter with dslr quality compact camera!


  1. checked out the sony nex3 just last week. and i'm NO expert in this area,but i'd def love to own a camera like that: small, sleek, lightweight, takes amazing pictures, comes in a gorgeous pink shade...that all pretty much rocks my boat already. :)

  2. o really?omg, those comments surely got me turnd on already!m so gonna have it.let's, darl!anyway, kt mana tgk?

  3. kedai sony at my area.we were looking for a sony dvd player (bosan dah tgk starworld.haha!) and saw them on display.it's so cute but just not in the plan list,yet, but looking at it...harus beli klu tgh2 berkira nak cari camera! :p

  4. yay.nnt g alamanda aje lah.it costs rm1999 rite?

  5. satu cahaya kesenanganAugust 10, 2010 at 9:58 PM

    leica terbaik.. saya suka

  6. decided? not decided? just realized apart of the cuteness of Nex-3/5, the flash is external. Although it is supplied together, but still, its external. And don't want to talk about the lenses here. Nanti jadi 1 post blog kat comment ni. heh heh.

  7. pi>hv decided and it's canon yo.yeah, too many doubts and queries and downsides on sony.im just gonna get that canon.