{ plan your marriage.pray together }

A few weeks before my wedding, i 'accidentally' bought this book at MPH during a hang-out with Pi.hehe. we both shared a good laugh and insights on the issues brought up in this book. We have experienced this book and to my opinion, yes it helped us plan our marriage, indirectly.

i wish i had known #7:
"that toilets are not self-cleaning" .lol

If i were to write about marriage, i will take one whole long page so i think i just hold it first.some people warned me about how marriage could turn into nightmares because we can never expect what our partner could react, after the wedding.they told me men would change their behaviour once they are married and so on, leaving me worried and skeptical about my own partner, dreading about things i am not sure of, myself.sigh

Now it's been almost 2 weeks old of my marriage, so far nothing changed.our love is growing stronger everyday.alhamdulillah.with things that have been happening lately, we are grateful that we have grown much of mutual understanding and most importantly, there is someone i can really turn to and share all the ups and downs, together.insyaAllah.what i always know is, marriage requires continuous efforts, all willingly.at the same time cherish and share other people's happiness as well, insyaAllah we will be fine.smilingly :)
Thank u, ALLAH for giving me this precious gift, my husband.

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, and always with the same person." - Mignon McLaughlin

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  1. alhamdulillah. Thank you ALLAH for giving me a sweet lovely wife. Let us pray together that this love we share will always grow and last forever. InsyaAllah.

    I love you my wife, Habibah. :-*