{ Blackberry 9860 vs Samsung S plus }

 you and me, side by side

                                        Hers                                                                   His

 so..uh..in response to a fellow blogger asking me to write a review on Samsung S plus, I'd like to make comparison between my phone and it, here are some pix of em side by side for a start.Firstly, as you can see S+ is evidently bigger than BB 9860, yet weighs slightly lighter.I suppose it's due to the thickness of my phone which is a bit chubby.score for S+.

Even though Blackberry has always been my choice like always, now that i own one, i actually admire my husband phone pulak, the S+ that is.(In comparison with 9860), i like the S+ mostly because it is lightweight, slim, the touch screen is more responsive, bigger screen, cheaper (RM100 diff), and the fact that it has frontal camera while 9860 doesn't really upsets me!!!!  yes, you read it right.it's frustrating right, furthermore it can't make video call (or i couldn't find it).but i'm sure it's pretty straight-forward command so i think it doesn't have video call feature not to mention the minus one camera.score to S+ again.. :(

Nevertheless, image from my fon camera has better quality and it records video in HD ! awesomeness (regardless large size).

So, i think that's all i've got to write about these two hand phones.hope it might help if you're wondering which phone is cool.

Anyhow, BB is always cool.

p/s: bbm me...  ;)


  1. yeay..thanks dear..:) hmm bertambah2 admire lah terhadap Splus..hehe

  2. oh really?r u gonna buy one?
    my pleasure dear ;)