{ Maulidur Rasulullah SAW }

assalamu'alaikum. alhamdulillah..for giving me chance to still breathe and live healthily except for now that I'm conceiving our second child, I have been nausea from what people call morning sickness which doesn't only happens in morning.Alhamdulillah..

my mother in law phoned my hubby in the morning and I heard my hubby was saying thanks and inshaa Allah for quite many times so I was wondering what was that about good news that i didn't knowt?hmm curious.but not for long cos once he hang up, he told me that he  has forgotten that he was also born on 12 Rabiul Awal on Monday the same date as our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW was born.mashaa Allah..so his mother was wishing him happy birthday just now.alhamdulillah.

i was watching Imam Webb on TV Al hijrah just now and one thing (among others) that really got me was when he said, which I quote "what would we do as Muhammad SAW ambassador, to portray his akhlaq and to spread the religion of Allah SWT.to other people" wow that really touched me.

I am teaching at a Christian school, with 99% of chinese people whom i know none of them are Muslims.most of my colleagues are not.well obviously they don't really keep many Muslim teachers at a school of the kind.thw issue here is..so in Padang Mahsyar, when Allah asked my colleague "why you never wanted to convert to Islam?" and she'd say "cause Habibah never asked me never told me about Islam" huaa what am I going to say???astaghfirullahal'azeem.my amanah is the heaviest.i have thought about this ever since the first day i received the transfer letter to this school.it's too scary.i haven't really do my da'wah to any of them cause I'm too scared about the outcome.scared with possible feedback they would give?my principal?the ministry?

I am still worried I would never perform this da'wah.


  1. as our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW always did, dakwah through his akhlaq, become exemplary to others, I think that is the least you can do! semoga Allah swt memberi kita kekuatan menjalankan dakwah sentiasa. Ameen.

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