Getting things started

The kids just being taken by their daddy to daycare coz mummy HAS to get things in order and prepared for the so coming new semester! Sigh. That means kakak will be sulky because she never likes to be at daycare even though it has been almost 3 years she's been sent there. Still home is where her heart belongs. I know baby. But mommy has to work to help daddy pay bills and so that I can buy you those cute toys from Toys R Us. Huhu. Nevertheless. My heart sinks everytime when I have to go to work. But that's okay coz everybody else is just like us and I'm sure we can do just fine insha Allah. :) believe that Allah is with us.

So. Now what. Let's do the laundry first

And maybe will get some cute cute washi tapes from stationery store just to get in mood for going back to school again!!!!