plausible deniability

i couldn't remember when was the last time i was feeling the real tangible love with someone.but what i can exactly remember is da last time i ever get hurted.here.right in da heart.2 years back?i guess.was it real love?i hoped.but dat was long time ago when i was younger n naive dat i didn't even question a thing out of it?sometimes i became unbelievable.but then again, i tried very hard to glue myself all back together.i guess me not blaming anyone simply because my tenacious belief in karma.sad.anyways, i moved on and stumbled upon new loves here n there.hehe.it was flattering for a short time.i was never sure of myself.dats my biggest problem which had it way to form a funny pattern of my love life.most of da time. for every unsuccessful love story, the beginning is always beautiful, with the scariest ending one wouldn't ever try to imagine; but there was something better cherished most in da middle.for love's sake, i did.

plausible deniability.dats wat i called my last fling i had with this strange guy.i cant reveal any name here tho.so keep ur curiousity to urself only.hehe.it was surreal sometimes i wish it was true. but then again at the end of everything, i asked myself,

"why did i ever start it when i knew from da beginning it was going to end?" Silly.

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