I was listening to the campur-chart on fly fm one nite (when I was in KL last week) when the drowsiness got the upper hand of me, I was almost fall asleep when the DJs answered a phone call frm some guy whom actually wanted to ask them a favor. So, I bend my ears to it, “interesting”, I said to myself. What he actually asked is he wanted to get back together with his ex girlfriend of 5 years! But, he didn’t have the guts to ask her directly thus he called the flyfm DJs, they have this ask-a-favor-thingie I suppose. Soppy stuff. He’s putting his ego at stake.nice. So, the DJ called the ex gf and put them together on air.how cool is that. Since the guy was way too nervous (I guess) to talk to the girl, the DJ took over by asking whether she still remember this guy she broke up with 5 years back.

“Is it khairudin (name has been changed)?” she asked.

Then the DJ told her directly that this guy was actually wanted her back and he was damn sorry about the things happened when he left her 5 years ago. That startled girl hesitated and the DJ asked the guy to talk to her by himself. Gosh, it was drama! So, the guy asked for apology and hoping that this girl cud give him a second chance.that’s the way boy! Again, the girl hesitated but she said yes. That guy couldn’t be more happy I guess. Needless to say the angelic DJs and me too.hehe. but after a few seconds, I’ve come to think of it, “what took the guy so long to do exactly that after 5 years?” Man, that was long.me could have had 5 different bfs in 5 yrs.hehe

There are 2 possible reasons out of it. First, which I strongly believed, that guy was actually desperate of getting a partner, maybe he wanted to get married any sooner. Since he did not find any suitable girl for himself in 5 years, or after breaking a few other innocent hearts, he thought of this ex gf of his and realized she’s actually the one he had been looking for. He knew that the girl probably hasn’t totally forgotten him or whatever, so he said, why don’t he try give it a shot? That or secondly, he has wanted to do that long time ago but couldn’t find the right timing to do so.(sceptical) He thought 5 years is more than right. Everyone was grown older and wiser and more opened, that’s the best timing to nail his desire. On second thought, the first reason bugs me a lot.if dats the case, it’s not fair for the girl’s part. But I’m sure both of them really have to talk about the matter seriously. Its risky, u know. I hoped the guy has more logical reasons than any of those. Whatever the reason might be, I think only lucky ppl get the second chance and do the right thing about it.

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