once upon romeo and juliet

Romeo and juliet had a great deal in common besides the fact that they went out together for a couple of months. They were both convinced-absolutely convinced that the primary reasons why their relationship had failed revolve around their various partner’s shortcomings. Juliet wants a mate who will make her feel loved.whole and complete. Whom will accept her and appreciate her for who she is. Well, romeo wants the same thing too, maybe.they both thought they were ready for “the real thing”, they both felt they were deserving of love. They both saw themselves as being well-intentioned. Both believed they were loving.and both blamed their partner for somehow not being “enough” in everything.

Romeo remembers being in a relationship from which he was with-holding a full commitment. His partner was justifiably annoyed. The more politically correct part of him was telling juliet that this was his problem, not hers. In fact, they would often have long soul-searching conversations in which he would explain that he was the one who couldn’t love fully. Juliet acted as though she believed his words. But did she really? No.

Romeo is the reason juliet can’t move forward. He’s the reason she can’t feel more committed. And then he would go through all the ways in which she was a little bit less than perfect. Less than perfect for him. Less than perfect in general. Never for a moment considering the countless ways in which he was less than perfect. Never he knows that probably juliet was much smarter, much more decent, and much more human being than he was.clearly, he had lost his mind.

For juliet, she wonders if she ever stopped and think about this long enough. And if she was able to be honest enough. She knows that she consistently blamed her partners for the failures of her relationship – even when she said she wasn’t doing that.

looking forward to ending the story

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