Shits do happen

On my way back to sg retang frm kl last Sunday, another series of unfortunate events started to occur. As far as i could remember, i didn't put my car on hi speed (flashback jap), ye la sbb nk jimatkn minyak nowadays ppl started to practise all the possible actions in order to save fuel n i'm just one of them even tho me hv been owning a car that is well known for its little fuel consumption.but then again, terasa jgakla.huhu.ok, so on my way when i was on the highway, a small stone crash landed onto the windscreen of my car.n the result?another nice scar on it,that makes it two now.great.dh la insurans cermin takde.bln 8 baru leh insert insurans tu.hampas.so as for the temporary solution, i take my car to the tint shop, the one that i had first tinted my car. initially,it was suggested by a friend of mine, to tint the windscreen so that if it cracked wholly, it wont fall down onto the people in the front seats.so it was oklah, should be ok.the shop is owned by a chinese man, a teacher who is teaching in temerloh with 3 chinese youngsters as the 'kuli'.so i let the boys do their work, tinting the windscreen of my whitey.what i noticed was there were three of them in my car...doing the work merrily with the air cond on at the lowest temp, and they even played the cd very loudly. but i was like, okeii..fine just let them do their work.dont be so uptight.after almost 1 hour, there, the windscreen was fully covered with a transparent tinted film which i hope can prevent it frm falling down onto my lap while drifting.hehe.so i thanked the 'leng chais' and paid whatever amount for the price of their work and got into my car just to find out that the ABS and handbrake lights didn't go off.GREAT...

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