the best toast

"to the job that pays the rents"

its so true.it's so hard to get back to workkk...for the sake of it...


  1. heyy move our ass or we're broke...huhu need to find A SUPER DUPER RICH SWEET CREAMY HUBBY so that we can retire earlier..dok umah goyang kaki..:))

  2. gals...cheap sake..easy way out

  3. kukubal:-just kidding..but its reality..guys need to feed his wife and children..who want a jobless guy as husband?
    (tolong komen)

  4. ecot raises her hand

    or at least he needs to have to an income that's big and stable. stability is what this girl wants. no knowing when the next meal can be afforded or not, is a scary thought

  5. which one u prefer my gals..
    money first or rupa... me...money..haha

  6. rose fied tiey:
    yup,stable guys can bring stability and couldn't agree with you more that it is husband responsibility to provide food for people under his care. but does that permits the wifes to retire early and goyang kaki..not necessarily.mane janji senang sama senang or susah sama susah?hehe..tolong jawab.nobody wants jobless partner.me pun.tak suruh pun, but super duper rich creamy hubby?are you good looking enough to be worth of spend for?lalalala

    gals...eat je tau

    bajrai girl:
    me preference, wife yg pandai and cun gile..

  7. hahahha.this has become amusing alreadyyy..seriously.dat surely wasnt MY intention to raise this kinda issue.but, its interesting tho.n 3 gals vs 1 guy?vry much indeed.nevertheless,as for me, richness is a bonus lah.attitude comes first,looks?doesnt really matter as long as he doesnt stink and dress nicely.on top of everythg,we r soulmates.a husband material who would wake up in the midnite taking care of the nasty kiddy.auwww..hahaha.n the list goes on blahblahblah.
    kukubal>>easy on the comments,ok babe?
    gals>>apparently,we r on the same boat..we have the right to choose,havent we?

    .:money can't buy u happiness.but at least u suffer in comfort:.

  8. ok baby...i'll chill :)
    but still, the blame is on you for posting this up!hahaha