It's ok to be silly,once a while

Hmm.i have once..ok, lets just be honest..i often am.n this time,i did it again.i just did some silly thing this morning.it was involving some silly guy i've known for quite some time.kudos for that guy for always being capable of making me as silly.but it was worth the act of foolin myself for that matter.i'm so much relieved now.it was like a therapy session.for the heart.therapeutically satisfying.


When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping,haha,considered as a therapy especially for ladies.retail therapy.my retail therapy is for shoes until my housemate once said,"kakbib ni membazir je".huhu.wat to do.i'm just trying to boost my mood.it's not a sin ait?;p.tp xsmpai tahap imelda marcos la.keke.i succumbed for things sleek n feminine.strange that they fall under that category..hmm.another therapeutic activity is cooking.it's amazing how cooking can boost one's self esteem,gosh.i discovered it develops an insight into our own abilities as we accomplished to cook some satisfying mouth-watering meal.ok, i exaggerate. my group will be hosting a potluck at school tomorrow which we have it once a month so,i came up with this...

...choc cake with a layer of custard on top

slices of peach and some cocktail fruits

bAbella peachy trifle ;p~


  1. xpe..silly t-ings can make u look cute..

    nanti bole prepare trifle on ur next visit ere k

  2. hehe.but dont wanna look cute too often.ppl get annoyed.hehe.

    sure thang.mayb we do it together2

  3. yay...i love being cute and silly w you...
    ok.maybe not cute la.
    i miss you.mayb i shud go see you and start making trifles together.hehe.

  4. look yummy....bet the taste's yummy too...huhu...find it hard to believe, but anis dh start memasak skrg..hehe...wat to do..have to..kan...

    bib..nanti ajar buat trifle!!!!!

  5. uermmm sedapnye...teringat...moktok's pudding...

  6. aifaa>i miss u.do come here n light me up.huhu
    anese>yaa mmg kena practise tu.hehe.best memasak ni wlupun hasilnya xseberape.keke
    gurl>exactly like the one we had at moktok's the othr nite.wanted to put strawberry..but theyre x available here