hari yg tak best

Slept over at azuro's.woke up late!!my school is 30 mins away gosh i needed to be fast.consequently,arrived 10 mins late at school.but me was cool...thank God the principle didn't notice my presence n yeah, we dont have to punch any card.haha.

ahh..it was going to b a meeting at 2pm.and i still had not finish doing the mid-term exams analysis/post mortem report.awesome.the notebook was with somebody else, doubled the greatness of the day.but being a superwoman, i managed to have em finished b4 1pm.haha.me was happy.

in the meeting room.ape lagi..kelentong la..like wat i did the last time.sume program stated on papers only..yep, i hv been executing some of them but still we couldn't see any significant results.kwang2.mr principle, pls consider as m the only optionist in the school.yeah, he's one cool old man.the meeting went smoothly and breezily as it was about to storm.chilled.

but there's one SAD NEWS announced by the councellor.there'll b program kerohanian for f3 n f5 stdnts starting on 16th august for 5 days,where they will b staying at school and there will b ceramah, qiamullail...somethg like dat.and the respective teachers should take turn to be with the students at the school.it instantly struck me as anis' engagement will b on 16th!!! alamakkk...mcmana ni..??adakah me xdpt attend mjls tunang anis..alaaa...frustnyeee..

dear anis, lets just hope me can make it to ur ngagement day,ok?;) (arrghh)

Esok 1 Rejab.

i hv decided to fast tomorrow for the sake of starting to ganti puasa2 yg tertinggal.aduihh..bnyk lohh.after a few attempts to do it, and failed everytime (set my alarm clock just to wake up to turn it off and get back to sleep.dang).no, this cannot be practised forever.i'm determined now.i'll wake up at 5 in the morning and sahur, ya Allah Kau kuatkanlah semangatku.isy, every year mesti last minute ganti puasa.ape nk jd nihh.

kpd rakan2ku yg belom hbs ganti puasa,bwk2 la ganti dun b like me.procrastinator of all time.u'll waste big time.Selamat Berpuasa!


  1. hiks...sorry papa bout tak jadi puasa tu hehehehe...tak kaba...

  2. huhu..bib..please make it to my engagement day..uwaa!!!!!wanna snap snap pics together..huhu...karate itu cikgu yang suruh bib stay kat skolah tu..huhu..........