point nil

in need...

of losing up myself a lil bit.m messy n static.serioushaitly.


.:merindui waktu dan saat itu...:.


  1. huhu..dear....r u ok..?miss u heaps, dearest...

  2. wwei weeiii (sambil menampar2 pipi kalom) kabar ke tak budak nie?? ;p

  3. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME U EVER DID SOMETHG FOR THE FIRST TIME?eh xperasan its 'capslocked.haha.rmmbr dat question prompted by Mr G long time ago?it's like i so wanna do somethg i been wanting to try, u know.somethg i never tried.like going out with some rich geek who knows-it-all.dat kinda thg.having fun..with anythg under the sun..with u gals exclusively.rolling around lunaticaly,eating ice cream when its drizzling.but, loneliness seems to have taken a toll on me.i'm stucked in here.bottomline is,life's so boring lately..
    anese>m ok.. really sorry darl for not being able to attend ur engagement.i didnt make it for mex's as well.hw can i make it all up for u gals.
    pupp>haha..im high on ice..

  4. she's gone nuts and turned fool of herself nowdays..