Al Fatihah

Fied's father has just passed away this afternoon around 4pm at the hospital in Kota Bharu.(i'm not sure which hospital)

I just got back to the hotel from Fied's place in Karak because she has to get back to take her car to go home since she left it there.at this moment she is in Bentong together with her sister's family from KL.how hard it is to receive a news like this in the middle of the induction course where home is hundreds of miles away.but, i could see that Fied whom i know is a very tough girl.she could still make silly jokes on our way to Karak.insyaAllah she'll be coming back here on Monday.

i am so sad...
Be tough Fied dear.
everybody just have to be prepared for that to happen.we never know when.

semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya.amin.