penang trip

I was in Penang during the school holidays last week.the trip was fabulous coz i got to see the 2 sassy friends, Aifaa n Jimmy.even tho i screwed up earlier then, it wasn't really me, blame it on the bad luck i carry around. it was my handphone!!hw could it did what it did to me.i wish it didn't happen,and i could have had spent more fabulous time with my friends.wat a 'soi' luck i have.regardless the misunderstanding, the late night sleepyjimmy-tmrrw-hv to go to work-outing, i had a real greaaaat time with them both.the pictures are the proof.thanks to the freelance photographer, mr ang.a nice local who drift an elephant later that nite.haha

we love mr photographer
we bumped into mr ang,who later asked to join us during the late nite hang out.

mr ang

mr ang likes bubbly gals only. aren't we?hahaha
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to Aifaa n Jimmy, thanks for the lovely time n chat.i figured that too much talk revealed the shalowness of me.at least mr ang knows what he wants.i hv decided to keep everything at low exposure.


  1. yeah.it was fun babe!

    besides i think we discovered a deeper side of jimmy boy..haha.he was sleepy so i guess the drowsiness affected parts of his concsious restraining ability from participating in our girly banter.

    it could be his way of shutting us up!haha.

    but i had fun.seriously. :)

  2. i guess so!he even said, 'aifaa wasn't as talkative until u arrived'.n i was like,hahahaha.he had no idea..we r so in love with each other.hihi.
    n m looking forward for another get together trip.

  3. weii im so jealous la tengok gambar gediks korang...jom wat roadtrip ke utm jom...

  4. hehe.it would get way more fun if u were there too.utm road trip eh?sure that can be made.let's gather ppl who are interested here then.hit me back.