who will win the RM 1 mil

tomorrow night will be the final stage for the 3 finalists of one in a million which will be aired on 8tv at 8.30pm.i cannot wait to watch them perform.at first i didn't care much abt these people who are contesting in one in a million but i do know a few of them like easther, the well-known amylea and tomok, just to name a few. i saw easther sang on tv. she has strong vocal singing like a professional.now the decision has been made, Malaysia has voted that the three finalists are Easther, Tomok and Aweera.i'm not really a follower to the latter.he's full of himself i think.

i listened to their singing on fly fm yesterday and to my surprise they do deserve to be the finalists, especially Easther. when she sang 'i don't love you' which is the original singer is MCR, in a different version of music arrangement and everything, it was Wowww..she's awesome, really.i instantly fell in love with her version of the song particularly.Tomok is a whole new and diffrent now.he has improved quite a lot and i believe there's still room for improvement as well.he did well when singing 'gantung' in his own style.it was nice.aweera made a little impression too when singing some amy search's song (i think) but sorry, i'm just not a fan of his.

so tomorrow nite i'll be sitting cosily in the sofa in front of tv watching the three of them compete. i just hope Easther will be the winner and grab RM 1 mil (hadiah yg melampau) compared to the other two.


  1. hey babe..easther is great..she's a real talent too...but somehow..i hope tomok wil win it..he has more entertainment value kot..haha..sebenarnye..sbb die kiut dan malaysia ni sangat2 ketandusan penyanyi lelaki yang memang lelaki dan nampak lelaki dan yang paling penting...cute..ngeee...

  2. i vote for adam lambert.. eh.. are we talking about american idol? silap diskusi lak... tapi pape pun adam lambert is damn hot!

  3. ucu>i lurve adam lambert too!he's too awesome.
    anese>n the winner is tomok.i dunno y, but im so happy he won. i thnk he deserves it the most.

  4. I thought Najib won...

    wait, wrong diskusi lagi?

  5. oh come on,they are good too.