apology accepted

i feel bad. as a matter of fact, i hv been feeling it since Sunday.my best friend was getting engaged the other day and i only congratulated her this morning.how could i? u might be asking the same question.i know.i have no idea.close friends know this syndrome of mine.not calling/texting ppl during critical time?who would forgive that?but, oftentimes, there are reasons for that matter.other times, there still are reasons.

i texted her

me : hey darling. i just wanna congratulate u on ur engagement.was it lovely?(innocently asking)
her : thanx.alhadulillah.im just happy with how things went.i'll be in kl tmrrw. (not usual her.oh flip flipper n flipping hell!)
me : (knowing she's pissed by instinct n trying to act cool) Alhamdulillah. i couldn't be more happy for u.i'm sorry i didn't contact u earlier.(fingers crossed)
her : it's ok.sedih la jgk sket2.T_T
me :(alamak) I knew it. n i'm sorry for not contacting u earlier.i just cudn't justify myself..bla3..

she didn't reply.i'm freaked out.

me : i'm sorry 2009.i lov u.huhu
her : no la syg..i love u so much
me : (yayy) dat's the biggest relief!tq dear

Isn't she the sweetest?are we lesbians?no.we are sisters bonded by love n sweet memories (wth?no idea) isn't that lovely how ppl can forgive easily. i think dat's a wise thg to do tho.hehe.and me, always screwed up.hissyyy!teruk btol.

p/s: i love ya.big fat kiss


  1. mungkin sebab majlis tunang kut..
    kalau majlis kawen gerenti perang dunia ketiga...

  2. ok ow... me oso not yet congratulate her... me scared..

  3. hahahha!!u girls..malu sungguh diwar-warkan disini.

    *it's no biggie la..yg penting semua dah selesai,alhamdulillah.i love u girls..so no worries.especially you!haha

  4. ooo inilah kenaf yer bib..
    kahkahkah saya setuju kata-kata anda itu encik/cik/tuan/puan/ kenaf...
    apalaaa bib ini tak wish member..