picnic@pdg mpk

yesterday was fun.me n hunny went to kuantan, fetch my sister and we broke fast at padang mpk 1, together with sea of people. we bought food at bazaar ramadhan nearby, picked a nice spot in the field, took out our food containers, unpacked our yummy food n took pictures while waiting for the maghrib azan frm the very mosque nearby.the spotlights were shining brightly right onto the field made us feeling like we were at concert.were feeling funny abt it.haha.it was breezy, very harmony scenery.the food was nice.

all in all, ianya sgt la seronok berbuka puasa di situ.mesti papi jeles sbb tak dpt join.haha


  1. "mesti papi jeles sebab tak join"

    memang pun...arghhhhhhh
    patut la senyap je semalam,,,ceh ceh (sambil menumbuk meja) dish! dish!

  2. haha..papi kan bz nk buka pose ngan chomel. mane bleh kacau ;p. and kakngoh, nxt time mari la turun sini. org ajak banyk kali doh. letih :p