marriage is overrated

that's my answer to when-is-your-wedding question, nowadays.give me a break will u people.i was browsing thru the wedding photography websites at my desk and did not intend to ask other teachers to join me embracing the beauty of the photos taken by the much desired photographer, 3 senior teachers came behind me and gave remark as blatant as this;

sharp-tongue: tgk gamba org lain kawen buat ape?awk tu bila?

there, and that does it.my ears were burning.so,i replied,

"relax sis.my turn will come.don't bother abt me.(i'm looking for future husband better than yours).besides,my mom said, we can only plan, everything happens when Allah allowed it to happen rite?'

replying to comments like this worn me out already.i'm done justifying my situation.well, married ladies, fret not.i wouldn't want to steal ur husband frm u.u just take care of them n be a good wife n mother and the least u can do is pray for my happiness n i'll pray for urs.

to everybody, "try to accept people the way they are and respect their choices"
(busybody is not cool)

peace out


  1. bagus, byk orang jugak tanya gua. gua kata isteri gua susah nak cari sbb byk sangat criteria.

  2. huhu finally update jua akhirnya,,,setelah lama ditunggu2..:)

  3. me dun like being emo like ths lah.hish.so not cool.nxt time i wud say:
    "do i look like i care?"

  4. yeah well..we have to deal with close-minded species at some point rite?

    let me remind you that your status does not define your self wothy-ness. *kesian to those yg nilaikan diri based on that.truly..

    don't fret dear,Allah ada. it's Him that we seek at the end of the day.

  5. soklan standed tu...so bg je la jawapan standed... kalau nak lg mantap record siap2 jwpn nye...just njoy ur life dear...kalau ada org perli papa lg gurl tumbuk ekor diaorg...