when the going gets tough

i heart this pic, taken from aif's blog.i miss the times when there was not much thing to think and get done.generally things are getting heavier nowadays and not so many things are getting better.sigh

*learnt it's best not to skip my EPO today.i knew i wouldn't be able to bear it but i still skip it.serves me best lah.


  1. when we're ready to take on responsibilities, things will always seem harder and a bit like a burden.

    *but it helps to always look at the bright side of things. :)

    really miss u.wish we could go for drinks and just talk about stuff.

  2. as we grow older (owh, i mean more experienced..), there are more obligations that we have to face in life. i guess that's how it goes and somehow we need to struggle to survive the challenges ahead.

    i love the pic too.reminds me of riding a rollercoaster

    btw, what is EPO?..i'm lost

  3. me oso take EPO.. (arfz... epo is evening primrose oil)... helps my mesntruation cycle.. bile umur makin escalating ni gotta take care every aspect of our health lah.. ;)

    anyway, are we talking about the same EPO here kaklom?

  4. OMG...if th EPO means what ucu said..i have been skipping it for almost a month now..huhuhu

  5. relax kaklong...take a deep breath...in,,,out,,in,,out,,push!!eh silap,,,hehe yang bawah nie serius..

    well,,sejak papi semakin tua nie,,(and dari pengalaman)i always keep in my heart that every difficulties that we have is part of His test.dan Dia hanya akan menguji hamba2Nya yang beriman.sebab tue org jahat/kafir slalu bnasib baik..mana diorg ada kesusahan sangat,,Tuhan tak sayang dia..
    so,,everytime rasa susah@serabut,,just relax n bare in mind itu hanya bersifat sementara n everything will get back to normal..doa banyak2 jgn lupa..
    p/s: papee suka baca blog aifaa coz kdg2 kata2 dia sangat menginsafkan....

  6. epo IS wat ucu said anis.don wana skip it anymore la ucu!
    kakngoh, papi, arf, those are exactly hw i felt abt life.why thgs hv to b harder as we grow older?i wish for my life to b a lil bit easier.

    i lov u gals.