just like last year, i'm teaching English for 5 classes, three form 5s, two form4s.bear in mind that my students are of average level and below except for my only two students i can say that they are A scorers.and that is special case.we have science stream here even though some of the students only got Cs for Maths and Science in PMR.but, we give them a chance considering what science education can offer them later.

science classes are of intermediate level and below. the second and third classes are lower.remind you, i teach form 4's and 5's.teachers know that teaching and learning must be done on syllabus basis etc, that covers all the 4 basic language skills, ie speaking, reading listening and writing. i'm not complaining abt my students' performance when me myself holds responsibility to give them quality education but in my case, teaching according to syllabus seems impossible.as a matter of fact this is not my first experience with students here.i wonder what did they learn back in primary school?

take this for example, i just got out frm class 5 arif, that is class no2. i taught grammar on topic SVA (subject-verb agreement).knowing their level, i only taught basic rules of the topic and gave them simple exercise.i gave them a list of mixed up singular and plural subjects/nouns like The principal, Singapore, My mother etc, for them to categorize them into singular or plural group of course. among the nouns/subjects was a person's name, 'Charles' that is.after a while a girl asked me,
"teacher, charles tu apa?"

now, how am i going to teach them according to syllabus?huhu hua!


  1. nxt time teach ur stdnt use d kg's name eg:dollah

  2. haha.dollah, abu, ali, huhu.. tu tak letak nama Germany lagi tu..