of weddings, bunga telur, n the grinch

i miss the sight of ur bunga telur in the house now that they're gone..hehe
disclaimer:this is not our house

and i'm feeling so hollow since u left...chick.please don't get married.hehe.

hey, i'm so ecstatic abt going back home this weekend because..it's my bestfriend/housemate's wedding y'all!the much anticipated wedding of the year.hehe.because it's going to be awesome with plentiful of beautiful things, the dresses the bride will be wearing, the 'ah chong looking' groom (i secretly call him Paul hehe),the pretty (hand-made ok) bunga telur (i'm really sorry chick little that i managed to help with those), the famous wedding photographer, the flowers, the cool door gifts and all wedding stuffs and sights that make my heart enveloped in warmth and pretty feelings, such as this:

and the most important part is..i'll be the bride's maid sitting beside the bride during the 'bersanding' event, wiping her forehead and palms with tissues,flapping the hand-fan so that her armpit would dry from sweat.hehe.
no, the best part is it would be a little gathering for us all after such a long time since the maskara shorties hang out.i am looking forward to see u guys (u kno who u are).hopefully everyone manage to wear something green that day okay!

the dress that will be worn by the bride's maid ;p

come february, there'll be another much anticipated wedding