{ i love weddings }

i love wonderful wedding photos today's photogs offer.n SN sure pulls off the gorgeous ones

m honored to be asked to create hand bouquet by much beloved soon-to-be bride friends.just made one for aifaa last weekend. ;)

loved the roadtrip. loved the baby blue mosque

last weekend was blissful.spent precious 2days with two lovely friends, going for a roadtrip to Kuantan to help her search for wedding thingies was so much fun.when it comes to little little stuff for wedding preparation, i am always happy to help.best sgt!

and i always have this idea of my own wedding in my head.even though there's always a change of theme colours every other time, but still it's gonna be pastels for sure.
as for now, i just love attending close friends' weddings.deep down inside i believe my time will come soon.insyaAllah~

.:can't wait to attend wedding no2:.

to aifaa, ur most welcome my dear.


  1. aww..this is sweet.i get goosebumps reading the last few sentences.*insyaallah* i can't for that moment to come. :)

    thank you for being so awesome.love you so so much!

  2. hehe.sbb terlalu excited smpai ter miss that word huh.hehe.
    i pray for it too be wonderful, and everything goes swiftly and everybody happy~

  3. can't wait to attend ur wedding.hope tak ada rintangan nanti.insyaallah. don't want to feel as much regret as i missed the 1st one.
    *regret sampai skrg* :(

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  5. er, pup, ni blog beep bkn aifaa's btw.hehe.jom kta lepak dgn ganas dan membuat chaos at mcngoh's wedding.bls dendam tak dpt attend hunny's k!come to thnk of it, best gk bening single leh attend fren's wedding. nt during my weddg ramai xdpt dtg sbb dh ade bnyk commitment lain.wink*

  6. correction
    *being single.

  7. fyi, the wedding yg i'm refering is yours not mine...hehe.

    anyho,u guys nak buat chaos ke apa ke buatla as long as u're here.mc chick ugut nak balas dendam pasal dress code pun rasa lagi happy dgr compared to the 'news' aritu.*sob.sob*

  8. i love weddings too. who wouldn't rite?..
    feed, hope to see u there dear!

  9. owhh my wedding rupanya.alamak, goosebumps jgk!hehe.sapela yg malang tu haha.owhh..hm tula kn.tp xpela, nk wat mcmana ngoh..kerja punya pasal.sian mchk..
    n arf, m so touched by ur effort to b at ppl's wedding, always!

  10. papee koya nie blog aifaa..hahahaha

  11. yess...afzan is the sweetest!

    but it's ok. no one wants to miss a bestfriend's wedding if they can help it. mmg sedih gile sebab only dpt tgk wedding photos je..
    *trust me, i know how that feels. raso nok kekoh boss!*

    papee..it's ok.sile koya ini blog saya.

  12. kakngoh, u left ur clinique's at my place.wil take it back nxt week.

    btw, girls.the 'last chick standing' agreement is with me.here's those who haven't sign,namely:
    azuro,papi,ucu,farah,wardah,shima and ina.
    *aku lupa nk bg kt papi n gurl pdhal kta selalu jumpa.huhu.btw, sape yg in-touch w shima eh?