{ baju raya shopping already? }

my intention for coming to kl this weekend was to buy a few cloths for baju raya (puasa dh habis ganti ke blom?haha), initially i planned to visit kamdar or gulatis.they are having kinda big sale now.but there was change of plan when my sister suggested to me to go to another place for ready made baju kurung.aha, good idea.then i met one boutique in PKNS complex in bandar baru bangi, now i knew where to go to get my ready made baju raya soon.hehe.so baju raya hunting will be done sometime in Ramadhan lah.for those who have the interest in cotton baju kurung,you can visit PKNS bangi for there are many boutiques that sell this range.and there is this one i just love.they have jubahs as well, made from english cotton.OMG they are so sweet,innocent, lovely so jatuh cinta and berjaya beli 2 pasang sudah.hehe.

the new love


  1. ei..datang bangi tak bagitau ponn..
    PKNS mmg byk jual baju, esp cotton..

  2. bestnye...next time ajakla me skali...

    ps: love ur new layout.comel :)

  3. owhh.arf>sgt rushing the other day.with my sista.dh petang masa kitorg pegi.insyaAllah nxt time, wil hangout ngn u ok bebeh.mcm thn lepas kn?hehe.muax
    kakngoh?>ok syg!sory sbb mmg tight schedule last wknd (temankn sista shop brg tunang dia).layout comel?thank u sweetie.muax