{ i love this }

Jangan bercinta kalau takut disakiti, kalau takut diikat jari,
kalau tak sanggup berkorban sedikit pun.
Jangan berniaga kalau takut rugi, kalau hendak kaya sepetik jari,
kalau tak sanggup berkorban sedikit pun.

You give nothing,
you gain nothing.
You give the world,
you gain the sea.

Keeping all that wealth to yourself thinking it’ll blossom into a big, fat tree of gold coins does not make you powered-
it makes you a coward.

If you’re so generous and courageous,
try giving away that money you love.
THAT is rich and bold and everything above.

Rezeki lahir dengan sabar.
Kedekut wujud dengan haloba.

Kau manusia; kau tak boleh ada semua.
Kau tak boleh ada semua.

as written by
"Wani Ardy"


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  2. love the poem so much!!!will print it out..