{ last weekend in photos }

this is not a blog-shop.below are photos containing series of activities of three hot chicks during their outing last weekend.they went to some bander bundle shop late at nite when ppl are closing their shops only they knew to go out.two of them are desperate housewives.lol.poor those garments became their laughing stock that nite.bad gals~

kimi kardashian loves the boyfriend shirt.oohh

jessica alibaba sure loves green

kimi kardashian's best vintage find that nite.sadly she doesn't wear this kind of skirt

lindzy lohan's best retro number

say "nnitteii" not "nnate"

bread's pudding baked by lindzy. custard sauce specially cooked by kimi kardashian.jessica alibaba was an avid eater
oh la la~


  1. hehhehe.ina, i miss u!happy teacher's day luv!

  2. hey!! xfair sbb kimi didn't reveal her (or his? :p) face in the pics.

    psstt..let's go to the bundle again. we had a good laugh there. and i'm grinning from ear to ear while typing this. ok, i'm crazy. maybe i should just stop here

  3. haha.kimi low profile.she already has her own reality tv show so...aint need no exposure no more.buahaha.haha, nnt kta g bundle store dpn kassim plak kei.buahahah!
    ps:not bundle lah, bander.buahaha

  4. mcm tau jer tempat ni...kat depan TF kan...pandai betul korang berangan... gurl nak jadi limah kardasian k...balik sekali sekala ke jerantutfonia...

  5. limah kardashian?nono..meh nk bg nicknm..jenifer lopeh, sbb gurl as voluptuous as J to the Lo.woohoo

  6. gurl jgn malu k?banggakan je.

  7. jessica's here..i left the card reader at jrntfonia (hehe)..but sure i'll upload it soon..jaga u limah kardashian n lindzy!;p

  8. haha.u ajmer la jess.baba da balik ehh smpai xingt kimi yer.kwang3.btw, wa lupa la nk g jenguk rnr...aduss.