{ this aint a love story, it's a tragedy }

girl met boy.boy fell for the girl.boy left the girl.

guess i will write about it later..i got writer's block all of sudden.chewah.i just could not bring myself to write about it.makes me asking my own rationality.why now?i dunno

not much money left for shopping.sigh

school: exam mode
figuring out where to be this weekend.i know for sure if i stayed here, i'll be dead out of boredom.the jaya jusco in one utama is having clearance sale due to the closing of the store soon.gosh i missed it.what a shame
i see ikea meatballs glistening before my eyes.but not so certain about that yet.
but most probably.we'll see


  1. hehe.tak sure a plak nk g ke x.almost broke.huhu.maybe hold it til next weekend.drogba, eh broga hill hike, on x nih?

  2. talking about shoping...erm memang tempting ....tp bila teringat yang bulan 6 ni byk aktvti balik kg n kawan2 kawen maka terpaksa kiv dulu...papa i wanna beli tilam baby ...

  3. gurl, mintak mak jahitkan sarung dia,papa carikan kekabu kasi sumbat itu sarung k?nk kaler ape