{ my big hope for WC }

Espana! well actually they are not really my fav. mine was Japan but u know Asian teams haven't been so lucky so..it's just that being an Asian i opt to support Asian teams.anyways, the Dutch team has been playing rough, i know so from their matches everytime.so i really hope for Spain to win yeah.

asian teams' die hard supporters.bibopp, Japan
aisha, Korea.woot2!
12 july, i'll be either the happiest or the saddest.let's just hope not the latter.


  1. me hope the same thing..been waiting since 2002 for Spain to be in the final..hopefully, they get the first time lucky charm!!

  2. satu cahaya kesenanganJuly 9, 2010 at 3:14 PM

    adakah anda akan setia dari jam 2 pagi sehingga 5 pagi untuk melihat kejayaan pasukan sepanyol???

  3. Oh no, Not spain! After Germany's crappy lost i'm rooting for Holland. GO Deutschland!! Haha

  4. anis, yay finally ur wish has come true!espana gonna beat the dutch!
    nago, ye, saya akan.wah, bestnya klu leh nonton bersama teman2 di restoran alif tmn u.huhu
    Oh em gee arf, eeiii.so we r rivals now.i say, Espana gonna winnn!