{ broga hike: nobody told us about how steep it was!HUA! }

it was a last minute plan.the idea came out 4 hours earlier before we woke up frm sleep for the hike.it was jimmy's.we were hanging out at the village view in bangi together with na n afzan but both of them didn't join for the climb.me and aifaa got a bit confused at first with me not bringing any hiking outfit,however considering the fact that impromptu plans always have worked well for us, we agreed and 3 of crazy people headed for Broga Hill on a very sleepy saturday morning.huarghhhh~

thanx to aifaa's hubby for trousers and sneakers lol~

started the hike at 7.05am.the place looked like there was some funfair over there.haih.
along the way we kept questioning our rationality to agree with jimmy's brilliant idea.penat siot!

poor jimmy he had to carry the bulky new camera.to make his back ache worse, we stuffed bottled drinks inside his bag too.jimmy, we were using u but i know u never mind ppl using u hahhahaha

man, however was i gonna hike that thing? deym, it wasn't as easy as the picture tells u

when i first stepped my feet on a big rock at the steep slope, i turned my back for the first time and
holy crap! masya Allah! i shivered! rather than breath-taking, it was a scary view frm up here i tell u

heh.pose control gayat.tobat xnk panjat tinggi lagi
this was not the peak yet okei

this shows how steep it is.my knees trembled just thinking abt possibilities of slipping down.

macamana nk turun wehhh

happy faces cubaan control gayat

despite everything life-threatening experience and whatnots,
i couldn't be happier that we made the last min plan come true!
thanx aif n jim.we had the most exciting weekend together everrr!



  1. haha.nice!
    pic yg jimmy pgng camera tu,fully captures the steepness of the hill.agh.serious takut!

  2. haha. at last impian bieb tercapai. :)
    my friend told me that when she was hiking broga hill ada makcik tua 60++ naik jugak. cayalah makcik tu..

    I like ur statement about jimmy- nevermind pple using him. v.funny. jimmy is so user friendly. :p

  3. yap.impian tercapai.pasni blh tdo lena.lol.memang ramai makcik+pakcik+kanak2 panjat bukit tu.mmg impressive giler a.

    haha.we've dscussed abt user friendly jimmy the other nite.LOL

  4. ingatkan senang je nak naik..dengar citer kaklom aku rasa lain kali la aku g ;p

  5. ohh maknanya pup u still nak pegi kah?hebatt!

  6. owh, using me. siap ada discussion lagi. i feel irritated. RAWR!