{ make a card for your loved one }

I made this card last 2 weeks.there was nothing special occasion though.i was just feeling lovey dovey so i made the card for him.the theme was rather out of focus and random, but the idea was a very romantic card.tehehe.well, needless to say, he loved it very much. ;)

forgot to take photo of the end result.i wrote a few words on the red card and on the inside.worked pretty well.
ok, gotta get back to work.just dropping by.buhbye!


  1. love it so much, syg! until now the card still sleeping with me. thanks so muchh!! luv u!

  2. weii aku lum buat lagi kad..beli bendanya beria hari tu..baru teringat nak buat bila u tulis dlm blog..ermmm nak tiru idea u aci tak??kuikui

  3. oh.ha ah bru tingat u beli beria materials hr tu.kekeke.buatla pup.byr royalti je rm50 sekeping.lol