{ my life is not the same anymore }

if i were to write about this in full, it'll be total lengthy post.i dun have much time, but i have much yense eh tense now.eja pn da xbetul.so s a short depressing entry could do for now.i need to channel this angst somewhere.to my fiance, yes i do dat often lately.thankfully he understands and support me superbly.i cudn't be more grateful nwadays.

it's about the new female principal.she has disturbed my happy hormones.i am not so much a happy person anymore.i have nightmares while sleeping.maybe not kiterallly.ah, typo again.literally.dammit.

i haven't finished my masters assignments.that contributes to the burden pressing on my head.another presentation tomorrow.i dunno.m a bad student.my fiance has always reminded me to finish em earlier but i never listened.i guess i prefer talking to him on the phone for hours.i blame it on u as well, mr fiance.

my principal couldn't find anything better than picking up on me, pointing out all the weak points i have, which nobody noticed before this.my former principal was one cool old man he dun bother so much abt formality.makes me miss him so much.last time when he was here, i slalu kutuk dia.*berdosa*.unfortunate me, the new principal concerns so much abt the english achievements in this very well versed school.so, i am the main target forever.dammit again.

excuse my depressed language.
i'm depressed.
okthxbuhbyw ah.bye


  1. pity u..biasa sekolah u yg paling relax..erm, female boss mmg fussy sket, same like mine.ask her to teach,,tgk naik ke tak result..

  2. *dammittt!!*menjerit ke langit kuat2 sbb stressed.xpe ke pup?
    memang fussy pussy.macam bagus.sek aku ranking 36 dlm negeri.sekola lama dia ranking 69 dlm negeri.heh, ada bagus?

  3. dun wori gurl ...nnt i supply pill utk org menopause kt pengetua korang tu...tp kalau tak berkesan jgk i tukarkan diaorg kat sek jp shah.

  4. my dear ms. fiancee, i'm taking full responsibility of whatever happen to u, because I'll always be at your side during the ups and downs. No matter how stressful, how hopeless. byk2 bersabar and don't give up. my fiancee always a sweet strong girl!

  5. gurl, haha pil menopause.nice one!
    syg, sori i blame u in public.keke.but u kno i lov u.