{ she's no vain }

here's an experiment.i have tested my grooming skills on this 'lab rat'. and this is the outstanding result.haha.just so u know, i'm gonna make up myself for my wedding soon.well..since i hate the typical wedding look on brides.it kills ur natural beauty and u ended up looking like...typical brides.ok. just don't take my words seriously.just take it very seriously okei!lol.
no.ok that's just my vain opinion.anyways, hate it or like it,i am gonna do the make up by myself since my other half hates fake eyelashes and thick make up.(like this one is not thick huh).well if u hated it, do pray that my hot aunty from JB could attend the big day and do the make up instead of skillful me.haha.in the meantime,let's just assume that i've got skills.and passed with this one.lol.



  1. papa siapa mangsa keadaan ni? adik papa ye... i think ok la mekap ni...cantik...

  2. gurl,ha ah.adik.keke.cantik eh.thank u!hihi