{ t g i f ! }

for one thing, i love being at Pi's place, after it was given a major cleaning that is.hehe.the photos below show the place once the dirty job was done. furniture were rearranged by me.it looked nothing like this previously.my my..he's proven a total masculine.can't blame nature though.anyways, it's my pleasure to make myself responsible for the home management thingy, it's a wife's duty rite.well, the best part is i have all the freedom to do anything here, wear anything, be at any corner of the house, washing, cooking, sleeping..etc.being a wife truly is a bliss!we are looking forward for house warming parteyy soon.still finding the right time to have it.but..cuddling with each other still seems to be the best thing to do for now.lol!

it's friday again and i am going home...yay~

zer living hall.sofa, thanks to kakyang (pi's sister).i love the little tv!hehe
thinking of changing the torn curtain.it's been there forever.
and yeah that's the microwave given by Pi's office mates.it's still wrapped inside the box tho.
little nigella lawson hasn't found the guts to use it.keke

dining table thanks to abe ili! ma dr kg
we are only bed-less.probably gonna get the white coated steel's from ikea soon!


  1. salam...tcr,slamat pngantin baru!!!hehehe..sori lmbat wish kat tcr sbb xsalu on9..smoge tcr kekal hingga ke ank cucu n dmurahkan rezeki..amin~~...xmo gdoh2 eh...hehe...

  2. hehe.thank u soooo much akmal.insyaAllah akmal..doakan kami ye..blaja rajin2 k

  3. wah..what a transformation! i can see a huge difference. hehe..da cantik da umah supi. (no offense eh, ayahsupi) bravo, cik su! hihi..

  4. hee.ting!!a makeover.tq huda! i wish we were going to sydney instead of perth.huhu

  5. tis ok, nnt next cuti sekolah, dtg la sydney pulak..hehe..2nd honeymoon!