{ awesome 28! }

birthday wish from amir luqman yo! never mind the fact that we dun even know each other.apparently, he's in my friends' list.
big deal huh.lol

a little celebration at skool with others who were born in March..haha not even my party!
it was a feast treated by three teachers who got promoted. well, i brought the cake.

with miss ayu.cake sponsored by us! tehee

earlier that morning, my 4 Science students threw a surprise birthday party for me!!
aren't they the sweetest? hee

girls, ur awesome!

naughty boys, sporting a serious look.please lah.lol

hei, cool people!

told you it was awesome!

it feels like just yesterday i blew my 24th birthday candle. my age when i got posted as a teacher here in jerantut, that is.things are happening so fast, time really flies right? after 28 years of living, i feel that my life has never been this contented, happy, filled with joy and love, bonds with the loved ones are getting closer, stronger, tighter..i mean, i believe this is the blessing from Allah.being married has turned my life into a whole new perspective and knowing that there's someone who cares about me, support me through thick and thin, he's my new best friend..i think i couldn't ask for more now.

don't forget the du'a and prayers!

syukran Ya Allah~


  1. alhamdulillah. I'm very happy for you on your birthday! Let us celebrate this weekend in our own way. :)

    Semoga nikmat kasih sayang dan kebahagiaan ini berterusan dunia dan akhirat. Ameen.

    Love you Sayang!

  2. happy besday bib!dah umur 28thn yeay..:)

  3. tq shayang!for everything
    kakhan! thank u!