{ honeymoon day 1 }

destination: perth, west autralia.

at putrajaya train station

reached perth international airport at 0520 hrs
performed subuh prayer on this very seats

haha. 2 tourists were lost in the attempt to find the guest house.the neighbourhood is very quiet and tranquil.windy...

whew.what a daunting search

reached the guest house which is actually very near to the train station.
alhamdulillah, the hosts are very warm and nice couple whom originally from taiwan.residing perth for almost 33 yrs now.we are entitled for free breakfast here ;)

at the city.donate for humankind

snappy time!

at fremantle.it is autralia's chief port, situated 19km from perth.
we came here quite late thus, most shops have already closed by 5 to 6 pm so..took some pictures then headed back to the city.

sporting some pose.lol
and yeah, we found teh tarik here in perth city, from a stall operated by a chinese aunty, from malaysia of course ;)

it was getting late.there's noting much ore to do so we decided to just go back to the guest house.

i must say that their train facility is super efficient and laid back.enjoyed it so much. a very convenient way of travelling around the place.
that's all for an update of honeymoon day #1.
pi is already fast asleep.i should join him now.*yawns*


  1. wah nice pics!
    erk..supi berposing cumil aje bila di sisi cik su. hik3..jarang dpt tgk this side of him. hihi..

  2. oh iye ke?patutla sume org komen pose dia keke.guess love makes ppl act fool huh.hehe