{ painting baby cot }

 see the future daddy spray-painting the cot oh so lovingly?

since we opted for the cheapest baby cot frm Ikea (lets not call it cheapskate, we prefer being 'zuhud' nowadays.keke), which comes colorless, i have decided to have it painted so that it would have more dramatic effect for the baby room soon.hehe.we bought 2 cans of spray paint (each costs RM22) from ACE to discover that  a piece of the cot frame needed at least 2 cans of paint for the best result and ok, there are 4 pieces of them, no wonder the painted ones are way more expensive than this nude one.so, Pi rushed to the store and purchased the normal Nippn paint together with brushes and thinner.while spray paint has matte effect, which i prefer, never mind that  nippon paint gives a glossy surface.so here's the result;


  1. 'zuhud' is a good word and a good act. kan? :)

  2. At least this is gonna be a good testimony of how you guys are putting more 'physical' effort into celebrating the coming of the baby, and not leave it to the money to do it all.... Loving it dudes!!! =)
    Bile due again... Bulan 12 ni ke?? hehe... I'll be back this December~~ insyallah....

  3. helu there.care to mention ur name?hehe.due 2nd dec dear..