{ giving birth }

Assalamualaikum n hello
alhamdulillah, i feel complete now being a mother to a very beautiful baby, Qamarina.conceiving her for 39 weeks is worth every pain that i had to endure.yes, i have to admit and be honest here, it was so painful i never imagined that the contraction is that painful (sakaratulmaut is beyond imagination).but alhamdulillah i only had to 'suffer' for 2 hours n 30 mins until she was out of my womb.

25th Nov 2011, friday. i started to feel menstrual-like pain around 2pm and i just ignored it at first. after one hour, it grew stronger and i called my sister telling her and she told me that's the sign and i should get going to the hospital already but dun really have to rush because the first labour normally takes long hours to arrive. so i called hubby and he rushed back home, luckily the workplace is near.

we reached PPUKM at 6pm, at around 6.30 to 7pm i had 3cm opening and was taken to the ward.the doctor came and told me that he will check the opening again at 10.30pm.okei, i will take my sweet time waiting then.Pi's mom and his sister came around 8pm and Ma managed to give me 'ubat selusuh' and i swallowed them straight away, yeahh.so everybody wished and prayed for me well then i started to feel nervous.

10.30pm.the doctor came as promised to check the cervix opening and it was 5cm dilated, doc broke the water then i was pushed to the labour room right away.i try not to recall what happened in the labour room, i thought it was the hardest situation i have ever had..the meanest pain..but i cannot be more grateful to Allah for giving me this experience of becoming a mother, and having the most loving husband next to me.

the baby came out at 1.08am.she is perfect, was 3.32kg and 49cm long.it felt awkward at first, looking at this little human being, who has most of my features though i secretly wished that she would inherit her father's brown eyes but she doesn't.she has mine, dark. she has Pi's long eyelashes, my nose and lips.we named her Qamarina, initial plan was to put Nik but it is no longer applicable nowadays and it baffled me but no point of arguing over this.anyways, suddenly life seems to be complete and i know it's a long way to go, raising Qamarina.i'm still being traumatized by the experience so second child is out of the question.

it's official.i now cannot live without these 2 people. Qamarina and her abah.i love u forever.


  1. Thanks for giving birth to our child. Semoga Allah sentiasa mentakdirkan yang baik2 kepada kita sekeluarga. InsyaAllah. I love you and Qamarina so much!